Bespoke Tailoring Service

Satisfying Customers with Our Own Voice

The bespoke tailoring service at IL NEGOZIO simply creates well-tailored garments to increase the charisma of our dear customers through style and fit. Let us walk you through our bespoke procedures for a better illustration of the whole process.


The bespoke process starts with meeting the client and taking the measurements. Precise measurements are taken either in our store or during our Trunk Show around the world. It is crucial for the customer to stay relaxed at this stage.

After taking the measurements, a deep conversation with our customer will be carried on to better understand the style they are looking for. We will go through our fabric collections in the meantimeto find the perfect cloth for him. No boundaries are set design-wise in the bespoke commission.

Blending the ideas of our clients and our opinions, we will do whatever possible to create the ideal garment.


A paper pattern will be drawn by our experienced cutter for the individual once we get the measurements and decision. Every pattern is created based on the taste of customer, our house style and the measurements.


The cloth will be cut and stitched together by hand based on the pattern. The trial garment will be created for the basted fitting.





The Key is to Find the Balance


Fitting session is one of the most important procedures of a bespoke commission. This step will be taken seriously and we always do our best to ensure that our clients are content with the style and fit.


It is always challenging to find the proper fit and balance since the body shape of every customer is unique. Multiple fittings with our experienced cutter may be required for solving all the possible issues.


Our cutter will check the garment carefully and will record all the adjustments required in order to achieve the perfect fit and the desired style. We will start making the final product only if both the client and our tailor are happy with the fitting.


Sincerely Made for You by Hand


From pattern drafting to sewing and stitching, every stage is done by our tailors with their skillful hands. The ultimate purpose is to satisfy our customers with the beauty of our craft.