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The first tannery of Chapal was established in 1832. The French brand has built a great reputation after nearly two centuries of development. It is well regarded as one of the best manufacturers of leather jackets in the world.


Its flight jackets remain an incarnation though Chapal has extended its production to a variety of leather products. It's prolonged history, expertise in leather garment production and meticulous craftsmanship are what make it legendary.


Founded in 2019, Mori is an unprecedented project in the shoemaking industry. With its source of superlative raw materials and exceptional hand craft technique, it takes turns to collaborate with different world-class bespoke shoemakers for the production of ready-to-wear shoes. Bespoke shoemakers are responsible for designing their patterns and signature last in this project.


Mori serves its customers as a tasting menu of the works of different shoe artisans, providing a brief approach of aesthetic appreciations.




The Florentine workshop of Seven Fold is where every single product is made with passion. It is dedicated to delivering ultimate ties with construction that you have never seen in other brands.


All the cutting, sewing and stitching are done entirely by hand. Their ties often associate muted colours with a vintage look, draping naturally from the neck. Seven Fold is truly the only one of its kind.



The history of Paolo Albizzati can be dated to the 1960s. It started making ties for prominent brands in the basement of a house in Milan. The business grew steadily and the Alby Factory was established in 1975, with all the production works done in-house.


Its own brand, the Paolo Albizzati line, was launched since 1990s. It is now offering ties, pocket squares and scarves in a wide range of patterns and materials. The artisan is well-known for its high-quality hand rolled edge.